A Exhibition of a Hundred Paintings and Drawings

I seriously almost can’t believe it myself. This past month I hung just over a hundred paintings and drawings at our local church gallery. Its all work I’ve completed over the past couple of years, except for a couple of paintings from many years ago.

You can visit the Duluth Vineyard church, right here in Duluth, MN for a visit to see for yourself…or just check out the recent work link on this site to see a few of them.

It’s been a wonderful couple of years for me, artistically speaking. While it’s been a difficult season on so many other levels, artistically, I’ve been able to lean into some projects and disciplines that life before a global pandemic just didn’t leave room for. This work highlights lots of different kinds of risks, some new ways of expressing myself, and even a multi-month commission I completed.

I’d love to hear what you think. Peace!