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Art has been described as poetry without words.

Lots of stuff can be expressed with words. Words are good. But words can only go so far. Painting and drawing can express a thought or a feeling in a completely different way. I deeply love communicating with words and I deeply love communicating with images. And in one way or another, I’ve been doing just that for as long as I’ve been on the earth.

My mom tells of my asking, at an early age, for a coloring book without the pictures. Apparently I hadn’t heard of a sketchbook yet! Nevertheless, I’ve been filling up these new fangled books for a few decades now with all sorts of images and words. Who knew it could be so much fun… Thanks mom!

I made my living as a watercolor artist, instructor and graphic designer for quite a few years, both in Oregon and Minnesota. And eventually it became a decent living. But along the way I also constantly found myself engaged in helping to begin new churches. I had studied theology and pastoral ministry before heading off the the American Academy of Art to be immersed in a water-colored life. What do those things have in common, you may wonder. I know I did for quite a few years. Well, that’s what this little blog is all about. Thanks for stopping by.

Today I co-pastor a wonderful Vineyard church in Duluth, Minnesota with my wonderful wife, Brenda, I help to coordinate church planting for the movement of churches called Vineyard, and I still love to paint.

Watercolor- Older Man