Daily Paintings

During Covid and throughout my sabbatical, as I began to re-immerse myself in expressing my creativity through various forms, I started out by going on long walks, talking with God about all the different things I was experiencing, and about all the various struggles and decisions many of us were facing. Along the way I began to notice once again the beautiful and incredible generosity of God through the intricacy of nature. From the structures of various plants, and wildflowers, and (what I would unknowingly call) weeds, to different types of pinecones, to the various shapes of our faces of people and even all of the kinds of homes we live in. As I began to notice again the amazing beauty all around me on these walks, I’d shoot a quick picture with my phone, or grab a small sample of a colorful weed to take back into the studio. All of the paintings started out as sketches in watercolor or pencil as I’m attempting to put on a page the shape of color I found intriguing.

All the while I was thanking God for sharing this beauty with us. An experience of worship was exploding inside me as I worked. Whether it was a left-over part of a flower from the past year, or a neighbors axe leading on the side of his house, or the shape of a leafless tree, or a pinecone on the ground, I was personally experiencing God’s love as I observed his fingerprints of creativity.