En Plein Air

One of the ways I combine my love of the outdoors with my love of art is by painting outdoors, on location, or “en plein air” (it’s more fun to say it in French!). When you’re outdoors the scene before you is constantly changing. And mostly, you’re not aware of how quickly it changes until you attempt to put it on a page. Learning to capture the moment in a quickly changing environment has been the task of many artists throughout history…and its a joy for me to work at that. If you happen upon an artist working outdoors, just tell them how amazing what they’re doing looks to you…it’ll really encourage them.

As I look back through my sketchbook, or at these paintings, I can distinctly remember where I was and how I arrived there, what the weather felt like, and the people I met. I remember so much more by being present in this way, then I’ll ever remember from a photo I’ve quickly taken. I’d encourage you to try it sometime! It’s really doesn’t matter how good you are at the beginning, you’ll remember way more by simply giving it a try. Seriously, go for it!